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Why choose Circle of Games?

We are a multi-gaming, free-to-play, free-to-earn platform on the blockchain. Before diving into COG let us know how it helps the players. It will be a platform for skilled individuals to play and earn through blockchain. A player can play and will be rewarded for the engagement on the platform which later on can be used to purchase NFTs or transferred to a crypto wallet. Players can play several casual and skill games like ludo, pool, rummy, chess etc. They can enjoy these games in terms of gameplay features such as battles, leaderboards, etc.

Our aim is to create a place for players who want to earn through their brilliant gaming skills. We at COG have 200+ years of experience in the industry. Our platform is developed and designed by the top industry talented experts. We at COG aim to provide a seamless and better user experience. 

Why blockchain?

We have the vision to provide a platform to potential gamers who want to have an identity and recognition in the industry. We do not aim to earn from the gamers but want to reward our gaming community. Unlike other gaming platforms, we are aiming for the growth of the players. 

Benefits of playing with CIRCLE OF GAMES:

  • Trust: We at COG create trust between players and participants who do not know each other. We give complete control to the players to manage their digital earnings. Apart from this, our two-factor authentication safeguards gamer’s personal information, transactions or gaming data from being tampered with or hacked. (quality, own
  • Social gameplay: We encourage gamers to play with their friends, family, and gaming partners and build networks. COG believes a game becomes fun and interesting only when it is played with a group of people. 
  • Full Control of virtual assets: On the COG platform the digital assets of gamers use while gaming is actually theirs. Gamers can sell, trade or do whatever they feel like. It makes the gamer’s digital assets have true ownership. 

So why waste stick to the traditional gaming methods? When you have a Circle of games where you can play freely and earn unlimited rewards.

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